Biometric Access Control System


The New Generation of Smart Devices in Biometrics for Access Control enhances building security, internal communications, and employee management , at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than previous biometric systems for physical access control. Whether being used to access a building, secure restricted locations within, or for time and attendance management, biometric authentication technology has come a long way.

How Biometric Access Control System works?
Any biometric access control system will consists of a biometric access control reader or scanner. This is the unit which captures the raw data in the form of fingerprint or information from iris scan,etc. This data is then analyzed & compared to the person’s characteristics against the previously enrolled record. If the two records match, the person is authenticated. And if the time is within the authorized period for entry, the device will signal & release the electric door lock.

The most common aspect of biometrics being used for access control is fingerprints. Though in more secure areas like defence areas and airports, government areas, etc. iris scanning systems, and other hitech approaches are being used.