The IP convergence system HiPath 3000 offers medium sized enterprises of 10 to 500 subscribers high reliability voice communications using high quality terminals with easy operation.

HiPath 3000 V9 can be enhanced with the server based Unified Communications Solution OpenScape Office This provides an easy way from voice to UCC.

New Features for HiPath 3000 V9

  • Open Scape Office HX to connect to MX/LX networks
  • Enhanced features of Open Scape Office V3
  • Network-wide unified communications (presence, call status, instant messaging, directory)
  • SIP attack protection
  • Enhanced remote administration: SSDP support via Shiva Plug
  • Opti Client Attendant call park improvements
  • HiPath Cordless user enhancements incl. MWI indication

Brief Product Overview

  • HiPath Com Scendo is the communications software used by HiPath real time communications systems with a comprehensive suite of enterprise features.
  • Extensive Application portfolio with integrated and optional external applications.
  • Product models HiPath 33*0 and HiPath 35*0 for small and medium configurations. HiPath 3800 with the high performance hardware architecture for bigger configurations.
  • IP and TDM networking between all the platforms put of the SME system portfolio.
  • HiPath 5000 Real Time Services Manager for central administration and expanded functionality of HiPath networks for up to 32 systems and 1000 extensions.
  • HiPath 3000 as a Survivable Media Gateway in "HiPath 4000 Small Remote Site" scenarios
  • HiPath 3000 as Gateway for Open Scape Voice Networks
  • Secure connectivity of teleworkers and networking between locations via "Virtual Private Networks" (VPN) technology.
  • Support of extensive terminal families Open Stage HFA & TDM, Opti Point HFA, SIP & TDM, DECT und WLAN terminals:
    • OpenStage TDM
    • OptiPoint 500
    • OpenStage HFA
    • OptiPoint 410
    • OptiPoint 420
    • OpenStage Key Modules, OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40
    • OptiPoint key module, optiPoint self labelling key module
    • Soft phone OpenScape PE
    • OptiPoint WL2 professional V1.0 via AP 2630/AP 2640
    • SIP clients/telephones
  • LAN / WAN / VoIP Gateway HG 1500
  • optiClient Attendant V8 and optiClient BLF (PC based)
  • Integrated EVM voice mail module for HiPath 33*0/35*0 with 2 voice channels and 24 mailboxes
  • Extended Voice Messaging, Mobility and Conferencing with HiPath Xpressions Compact V3
  • Integrated muli-cell DECT solution Hipath Cordless Office for Gigaset professional handsets
  • Open interfaces (CSTA, TAPI 170 / 120, CDR)
  • Flexible licensing concept
  • VCAPI interface, H.323 clients, Cornet IP networking protocol, CSTA Phase 2 protocol and Gadget server interface are no longer supported with V9.